Project Status Finished
Project Type "Experiment"
Project Duration A few months


Lisys is something quite different from my usual projects. It's a suitcase with an entire PC hacked built into it. The power sockets on the top are connected to a relay board, which is connected through the serial port (yes, an old printer port). This was built back in 2011, when I was around 14.

Through some trickery hackery advanced software engineering I got the lights to flicker with the music, which looked kind of cool!

I also made a music player that tied in with Lisys, it presented users with a nice interface to choose and queue songs with, kind of like a "party mode". Normal users couldn't remove tracks or access the OS, only browse music. On top of Lisys, to the far right, you can see a RS232 plug. You could plug a "key" in there, which would acts as an "admin" key, unlocking the system. A demo of the music player:

For the demo video I just took some music I had lying around and copied it a few times, thus the duplicates.