Project Status Released
Project Type Personal
Project Duration ~8 months
Software Used Game Maker
Languages Used GML

Sparkle is the first game I've released on the App Store and Google Play. It started as a prototype on Windows:

The original idea was that with your mouse you'd have to touch all of these bouncing "Sparkles", by doing so yours would change into the color of the touched Sparkle, and then if you would touch ones with the same color you could get a combo.

Later I rewrote the game for touch screens, but I had to revise the core idea because moving a Sparkle with your finger doesn't work well on small screens, so I set on drawing lines which they have to touch instead.

I recorded my screen when I started developing this new, touch-screen friendly version of Sparkle:

It took a few more months, but after that Sparkle was finally complete! I added various game modes, levels, challenges, achievements and rewards for combo's.

You can find Sparkle here, although a bit of a disclaimer: I was one of the first to start using Game Maker: Studio, the first time Game Maker was capable of exporting to phones. This meant that there were quite some problems following the initial launch. I worked closely with the developers to debug some problems I was having. The result of this is that Sparkle turned out to be incompatible with later versions of iOS. Due to some core functions that I used in Sparkle being deprecated in later versions of Game Maker it is impossible for me to update it, unfortunately. Android should still work fine, though!