Project Status Ongoing
Project Type Gamejam
Project Duration 3 days (but continuing)
Software Used Unity
Languages Used C#
Primary Role(s) Gameplay design / coding

Vamp is a project which originated from the Ludum Dare gamejam, which I and 5 others participated in. My focus was on creating one polished, fun and "juicy" game mechanic.

Android gameplay:

The main mechanic of Vamp is to keep the "vamps" from attacking your town (which will be on the left soon), and to do that you act as a "god" and have to swipe them off the screen, and into each other!

I implemented the picking up and throwing mechanic, adding juiciness in the way the vamps stretch and rotate while they're dragged around.
The behavior of multiple vamps getting picked up was actually a bug, but we decided to keep it!

It's not so much a game at the moment, but we are expanding the prototype in the coming months to a full-fledged game.

To be continued!